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bacheca incontri palermo bakeca incontri cs

out you. Every one was great, but Trevor really shown through. He was great as both a player and a songwriter, and he will be greatly missed. ArNOLd de Wit 29 May, 2013 Trevor, you were a fantastic player and a great guy, and I want to thank you for the hours of pleasure I had with UH's music.

Something not common at all! Köszönöm, hogy él #337ben is számtalanszor élvezhettem világklasszis játékodat! RIP Trevor, you will be missed. My condolences to the Bolder family, Trevor's friends and fans. Feel fortunate to have seen him before this tragic news Kristin 23 May, 2013 It was only in the last couple of years that I really grew to appreciate and love Trevor's playing and songwriting. He must have really touched all who met him. John Lawton 23 May, 2013 I enjoyed listening to Trevors work with Bowie, but I saw him live several times with Heep.

Great then and great later. Een schok voor de band en voor de fans. Jan lrprlaars 30 May, 2013 Eine sehr trauriger Tag. He was the one, providing the rhythm to all those great songs, live, and on record. Bernd Hidding 23 May, 2013 Uriah Heep a band unparalleled in Rock history has lost a giant. Músico e baixista fantástico! Stephen hanley 23 May, 2013 Such a sad news a great bass player and song writer has passed away. Uriah Heep will miss you, your fans will miss you, and those who knew you will miss you - but none of us will ever forget you, Trev.

Strenght to the family and Uriah Heep-members. Maple 30 May, 2013 He was a great bass-player.RIP from Hamburg rgi 30 May, 2013 I can't imagine Uriah heep Concert without him. I'm crying and waiting to see that some miracle noise. Lothar Boche 10 June, 2013 Thanks for everything Trevor! Dieter from Germany 2 June, 2013 The Spiders and Heep were my inspiration and youth, Iv'e seen you many times in my life and always felt enthralled in your powerful playing. He was a wondefull person and a gifted w him last time in germany freising in thought and prayers are with his family and the heep boys.


Marco Geiser 30 May, 2013 I saw Trevor play from just a few feet away when I went to the Heep show in Tulsa in Nov. Ho avuto la fortuna di vedere gli Uriah Heep dal vivo all'Alcatrazz di Milano ed è stata un'esperienza unica della quale tu sei stato parte integrante, un vero asso dello strumento ed una umilissima persona che dispensava sorrisi a tutti! I had the privilege to meet you (and the rest of the band) after the concert at Leicester University in 1990 when the power failed and you finished the show acoustically. You are and always be in my cuore. I last watched Trev with the band in Kopervik Norway last summer and he was awesome as ever.

I have always liked his ways to play and express themselves in the group. We talked about it after Trevor give me his guitarcase who's travelling with him all over the r ever Trevor in my mind. I will miss you Trevor. Garys and Trevors playing were inspirations to play bass myself. My first gig was seeing the mighty Uriah Heep at the Manchester Apollo in 1985. All tour dates are available at the urlmCarrie Underwood tour Spokane/url.

My condolences to his family and friends. Skip Wilds 27 May, 2013 RIP trevor. Hopefully, we will meet again in a better world. Karen Lowe 25 May, 2013 On holiday when I read the very sad to loose a great member of the Heep family. I had the god luck to see and meet Uriah Heep 3 times. Qedg Management 22 May, 2013 A Wonderful Musician, Old Friend who will be sadly missed. Trevor was a amaizing bassplayer.

Jools Cooper 23 May, 2013 Great British bassist is gone. All tour dates are available at the urlmCarrie Underwood tour Cincinatti/url. I will to him, and you always think because I am a real Heeper. I love albums with him of John Lawtons era - trilogy Firefly, Innocent Victim and Fallen Angel were simply great. RIP Trevor ReneMikeRene 3 June, 2013 j'ai vu plusieurs fois ce groupe sur scene, ( angleterre au Magicians birthday party avec ken, en belgique, France) et j'ai eu la chance de pouvoir discuter plusieurs fois avec ses membres Trevor. Since that time, my heart belongs to the music of this wonderful band and I'm very sad about the loss of Trevor. I had the great pleasure to see Uriah Heep for the first time at Raismesfest two years ago, from the front row just in front of Trevor. BBoysAgibe 26 February, 2019 cialis online 121 a href"m" cialis without prescription online /a p?modspace uid1897425 m/wbpcy3 achat de cialis en ligne a href"m /a feeerardmub 24 February, 2019 I like rock bands!

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Rick Ford 23 May, 2013 Trevor played on my very first rock concert in Munich 1977 and I saw one of his last gigs with Uriah Heep in Augsburg 2012. R.I.P Trevor G Willetts 23 May, 2013 Rest in peace Trevor. Jean Paris 43, Lotissement des Roses à 4680 Hermée - Belgique Jean Paris 23 May, 2013 Trevor, we will miss you. A great musician and a really modest and cool guy. Information on the tablets Cialis Coupon drug price.

You shall be missed my friend. Visit the website and make yourself familiar with all powerful Luke Bryan concerts in 2019! And perhaps sometimes you are there, when Uraih Heep is on Stage again. Fredrik Brunsell -Sweden Fredrik Brunsell 24 May, 2013.I.P Trevor. So so sad and my condolences go out to his family and fellow Heep members. I will miss him. The loss to his family and friends must be truly immeasurable. Easily overtalented in all aspects. Rest in peace (and maybe rock on in heaven!

Andy brooks 23 May, 2013 Trevor, we saw you at 25 live gigs with Uriah Heep, unsuspecting that the December gig would be your last. Our God be with you Trevor! I'm sure that while we'll miss you on earth, you'll be rocking in Heaven. You know, most businesses get traffic from their blog, and we feel that you could use a little help, since you are not blogging weekly yet. My deeperst condolences go to Trevor's family, Friends and Fans. Much condolence to the family and the band. The whole band were lovely, as was. Ujulerachid 24 May, 2013 Thank you for all the great tunes and for making music that made my high school days much happier. I can hardly express how very sorry I am for his family and those who had the fortune to know him as a man, not only see him on stage, where he, like only a small number of musicians, combined. To perform this you just need to find a video and click "download".

Top shelf writer and player - and a nice guy. I am one of those lucky fans of him, had got an autograph of him, written by him personelly in Berlin-Hasenheide in "neue welt" sometimes in the early 90 th, shortly after the german unification! Trevor touched many lives and will always live on in my heart and soul. I've often seen the band live and met Trevor a few times and he was a very friendly guy. Lovely guy as well as a legend. His presence was missed at a recent Heap gig in Stockton and it is very sad to hear this sad news. I really respect the passion you showed your creativity will be missed. My favorite rock Bassist by far truly phenomenal. To know more about Chainsmokers in 2019 visit website urlmChainsmokers tour San Diego/url.

After the concert in Basel I got the change to find the band in there hotel and be envited to some drinks with Mike Box and Trever Bolder at the Hotel Bar! He brought a lot of joy to many fans through his talents. Respekt an seine Familie und aufrichtige Teilnahme. My condolences to his family and everyone else, who can't stop crying over Trevor's passing. Most recent organisation design- Makers union to save your time as well as price We formed a Mobile Accessories Manufacturers Union with our really- shut factories and also we owned the firm shares each other to ensure that distributors can position. His style was classy and melodic, but it fit perfectly with the heavier songs. Jon in Hull 3 June, 2013 Dear. Une pensée à sa famille pour ce triste anniversaire. Rest in Peace Andreas Birgit Schulz Matthias Grünwald 23 May, 2013 We miss you so much as a friend - we remember so many fantastic moments all over the years.

I-and many, many more will miss you. Rest in Peace Matthias Grünwald 23 May, 2013 We miss you so much as a friend - we remember so many fantastic moments all over the years. You will for ever be in my mind as on of the best musicians and bassplayers I've seen/heard. Of last year in Tulsa, OK - He was full of life and played like a madman that night and the band was spot on it was awesome! A thought and a hug goes also to your family and to those who have loved you.

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He was an amazing bass player, and one of the reasons cose erotiche incontri nelle vicinanze that I chose to be a bass player. When I started listening to Uriah Heep songs, I was a kid at the age of 10 and "Different World" was just released. As a bass player myself doing Heep songs with Circle of Hands some time ago I know about the musical quality. I bow to you and hold up my lamp to light you on your way. R.I.P Alex Dossas 24 May, 2013 Sad sad sad Jens Simonsen 24 May, 2013 Such a sad loss and still so young! Budeš navždy chba #357 rodine a fanúšikom Palo Palo 26 May, 2013 My Condolences to family and friend! Joachim 30 May, 2013 Thank you, GOD, for Trevor. We will miss him greatly. Headliners Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard are those people that could make anyone sing along with them. Rock Out 2 June, 2013 Dearest Trev - nevermind RIP make Heaven rock!

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Give David Byron and the other boys up there my best. Thorsten Litty 23 May, 2013 La sua musica mi ha accompagnato per tutta la vita e continuerà fino alla fine. Seine Spielkunst am Bass live erleben zu dürfen, war ein Highlight in der Geschichte des Rock. Thank you so much for so many fantastic moments! Liam Ryan 23 May, 2013.I.P. My condolences to his family and to Heep-family! Bacheca Incontri Palermo Bakeca Incontri Cs

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